The only coin that will never fuck you.

Funny, right? But seriously, $PRUDE is designed to prevent rug pulling and greedy founders from dumping on you. PRUDE is truly decentralized.


Fair Launch Tokenomics

We’ve all been fucked before … it doesn’t feel good. That’s why PRUDE is designed to truly democratize opportunity.

smart contract

Total Supply

max cap 1,000,000,000,000,000

(1 quadrillion) PRUDE.


92% locked into Pancake liquidity


  • 5% Marketing / Initial Influencers
  • 1.5% Future Influencers
  • 1% Promotional PreSale Meme Launcher
  • 0.5% MemeLauncher / DuckDAO FarmDrop Fee

Limited Buy

max 10,000,000,000,000 PRUDE can be bought per wallet.

Penance price burned

100% of paid penance prices are burned to help the community grow and get your name back in good standing.

Tip Jar Wallet

If you would like to help our project grow faster and stronger, please consider sending a tip to our secondary marketing wallet.

The Fucklist

Did someone fuck you over? ADD them to the Fucklist and let the world know. Are you a fuck? SHAME! Pay your penance to get removed… 100% of paid compurgation prices are burned to help the community grow and get your name back in good standing.

Three steps to heaven.

  • 1

    A Voice

    Fight Back with $PRUDE. Our community provides a voice to those who have been wronged and an opportunity to warn others.

  • 2


    Let them suffer as you have and help the community avoid similar mistakes! We’ve all witnessed how powerful a community can be…

  • 3


    We’re all flawed humans at the end of the day. Let them repent by burning tokens to help the community and show their shame.

Our Roadmap for Q2/Q3 2021

With steady pace the pilgrim moves.

Prude Launch

Prude was successfully launched on Pancakeswap June 11, 2021 @ 3 pm UTC

Add people to the Fucklist

We will implement the functionality of adding people to the Fucklist. Give them a taste of their own medicine. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.


Get people off the Fucklist

Everyone deserves a second chance, but how about everyone else benefiting from it too? We will add the functionality of getting people off the Fucklist by paying their penance price with burning $PRUDE


Vote for people on the Fucklist

With the release of the vote function, we are giving the power back to the community. The people in the fucklist will be ranked according to the number of votes, the more votes, the higher the penance price will rise.

How to buy

It's fkn easy.


Get Metamask

Download Metamask from metamask.io and install it following their instructions.

Want to use Trustwallet instead?

Follow instructions from this video on how to get your BNB to the right network, then click on dapps, navigate to prudecoin.com and click on get $prude to head over to pancakeswap with the right contract.


Add the BSC-Network to Metamask

To add the BSC-Network simply navigate to chainlist.org, search for BSC and click on connect wallet in the ChainID 56 search result. That's it. Don't forget to hold a small amount of $BNB to pay for transaction fees.


Buy $PRUDE on Pancakeswap V1

Go over to Pancakeswap following this link to buy some $PRUDE & HODL till moon 🤗

Hey! Any questions?


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